Kavilbhavan Yoga and Nature Cure Centre an institution for yoga and natural health is situated at Neeleswarm in Kasaragod District in Kerala. The institution was established in 1956 under the society registration act and renders yeomen service to ailing patients through yoga and naturopathy and it stands out by sticking to moral values and principles. Life and blood of this organisation is an octogenarian Yogacharya Sri. RAMAN MASTER. The institution is synonymous with his name. In the year 2011 established a new Charitable Trust named Kavilbhavan Yoga & Naturopathy Charitable Trust with wide aim and objectives for promoting Naturopathy and Yogic science.

Yogacharya Sri. M.K. Raman Master

Sri.M.K.Raman Master is a symbol of perennial youth and virility leading a disciplined life in harmony with the nature. He is a beacon of light through his immense experience and knowledge in the area of Yoga and naturopathy to all those who had lost hope suffering from ailments. He is a legend in the field of yoga and naturopathy shunning publicity and accolades. Early realization that a sound body is the prerequisite to lead a fruitful life attracted him towards Yoga. He acquired knowledge through interactions with great sages and hermitages, which among others included Sri.Sivanada Saraswathi of Hrishikesh, Sri. Ramakrishna Ashram of Mysore, Uttara Kashi. He mastered the art of naturopathy through Sri. Sankarananda Swamiji of Kollur Mutt. His entire life is devoted towards learning and utilizing the knowledge for the service of mankind.


* Kerala’s First yoga & Naturopathy Treatment Centre, Established in 1956
* Owned and Managed by Kavilbhavan Yoga & Naturopathy Charitable Trust, Nileshwar
* Offers Authentic And Genuine Yoga & Naturopathic Treatment under the guidance of Yogacharya Sri. M.K. Raman Master
* Medically monitored by Qualified Doctors
* 24hrs Service by well qualified and trained Yoga & Naturopathy Therapists
* Four acres of Nature-friendly Campus.
* Modern facility with Residential atmosphere.

Our Vision

To emerge as an internationally recognized yoga and nature cure centre for imparting the knowledge of yoga and naturopathy and provide the curative and preventive benefits of ancient Indian system.

Our Mission

To develop health consciousness among the public by continues education and propagation through the scientific approach by the practice of Yoga and Naturopathy