Services We Offers

Our Main aim is to promote the overall health condition of the general public through the practice of Yoga and Naturopathy, and also to impart the knowledge about science of Yoga and Naturopathy to the general public and develop a high standard of health culture among them.

Yoga Therapy

General Yoga & Yoga Therapy · Asanas
· Pranayama
· Dhyanam (Meditation)
· Shadkriyas

Activity & Special Programmes

1. Yoga and Nature Cure campd for public
2. Stress Management programmes
3. Diet Counselling
4. Public Health Awareness Camps
5. Psychological Counselling
6. Seminars, workshops
7. Research Activity
8. Special package programme for old age, Asthma, Diabetes, and Obesity
9. Yoga Camps for Students

Naturopathy Therapy

· Jala Chikilsa (Hydro Therapy)
· Pruthvi Chikilsa (Mud Therapy)
· Akasha Chikilsa ( Detoxification Therapy)
· Vayu Chikilsa ( Air Therapy)
· Surya/Agni Chikilsa (Helio Therapy)
· Mardana Chikilsa (Rejuvenation Therapy)
· Ahara Chikilsa (Diet Therapy)

Naturopathy Therapy Helps you

· Calorie burning
· Relaxation
· Detoxification
· Stress- reduction
· Hydro-sleeping-aid
· Deep Cleansing
· Body firming
· Internal warming
· Energizing
· Host of preventive general health and healing benefits


· Low Back Pain, Bronchial Asthama
· Chronic Bronchitis, Diabetes
· High & Low Blood Pressure. Headache
· Arthritis, Rheumatism, Nasal Allergy
· Migraine, Obesity, Tension
· Anxiety Neurosis, Depressive Neurosis
· Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer, Psoriasis
· Allergic Dermatitis & Heart diseases etc